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Name:neither here nor there
This journal is friends only, as I am leery of letting complete strangers read my every random thought. To be added, send me a PM or comment on a visible entry.

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abnormal psychology, american doll posse, american lit, anatomy, anger, anime, antique stores, arguing, asexuality, baudelaire, beatnik, being always stressed, biochemistry, body horror, books, bookstores, buddhism, chemical engineering, chemistry, chocolate, city life, coffee, cosmology, counterculture, creepiness, creeping on people, dark matter, death, defeating death, depression, dissection, dostoevsky, dr. john kearns, dr. pellinore warthrop, driving at night, dystopia, embalming, english toffee, espresso, existing, fanfiction, fear, fullmetal alchemist, funeral service, gender expression, german, ginsberg, gore, grammar, harry potter, history, hogwarts, horror, hot tea with milk, immortality, jazz lit, john kearns/pellinore warthrop, kurt vonnegut, language, les fleurs du mal, lgbt, libraries, literary analysis, literature, manga, materials science, misanthropy, monsters, morgues, morticians, mortuary science, music, nanowrimo, nature trail hikes, never sleeping, not being dead, not sweet things, notes from the underground, obscure fandoms, original fiction, parallel universes, paranoia, peppermint mocha, percy weasley, philosophy, physics, politics, psychological horror, psychology, ptsd, purses, quantum cosmology, rare book shops, reading, reference, regulus black, religion, research, restorative art, rhetoric, road trips, role playing, roy mustang, russian literature, science, seafood, severus snape, sexuality, slayers, slytherin, snap to will henry!, sociopaths, solitude, song lyrics, star trek, starbucks, tea, the beatles, the end, the monstrumologist, thomas pynchon, tofu, tori amos, traveling, us history, violence, walking, willa cather, words, world building, world history, writing, wwii, zombies
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